Control Your Change

Control your Change

“If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies.”
— Unknown

Congratulations – if you’re here, you’ve stopped thinking seriously about changing your life for the better, and actually begun to make your change! 

Physically located in the San Francisco Bay Area but with global scope, I created LBK Coaching and Consulting to help families and individuals improve their lives by better navigating transitions.  Some transitions seem simple, like heading off for college, launching a new career, or deciding to adopt a child -and end up not so simple at all!  Other transitions we know will be more complicated and we feel stuck before we've even started, not sure what way to go... so we do nothing at all. Regardless of how straightforward or difficult it may seem, every life challenge boils down to some sort of transition, and sometimes we just need a little help moving forward.

No matter the nature of the challenge you or your family is facing, we can work together to help you get rolling toward positive change. Use the links above to learn more about my areas of specialty, why coaching differs from therapy, the difference between LBKCC and other coaches, and to reach out to discuss your needs.